Weekend Tasting:  Pinot Noir and Friends
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Weekend Tasting: Pinot Noir and Friends

August 18th is another wine holiday...  but who's complaining!  Pinot Noir is a favorite VinoTeca so much so that we've adopted the nickname 'PinoTeca!'  Pinot is a varietal indigenous to Burgundy, France but is planted throughout the world despite the fact that it is one the most difficult to cultivate.  Pinot grows in tight clusters that are susceptible to rot. The thin skinned varietal produces low yielding, low tannin juice with not a ton of complexities. Terrior and winemaking are necessary to produce the wine that we are all familiar with. 

But Pinot is not alone in its family.  It's sisters Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc will not be ignored! So, we are going to add them to this weekends tasting as well. 

3 wines - $15   //  1 wine - $6

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Weekend Tasting:  Southern Spain
to Aug 27

Weekend Tasting: Southern Spain

Manchuela, Malaga and Jumilla are Spanish wine regions that stand in the shadow of the well known Rioja, Priorat and Ribero del Duero, but this week we are going down south to the areas of Spain that are better known for the art and culture of cities like Grenada and Sevilla than their vino.  As will all of the country, wine making is steeped in history, but anthropologists believe that Cadiz, one of the most Southern cities in Spain, was the beginning of Spanish wine making.  This weekend VinoTeca will focus on these charmers because we all know everything is better in the South!

3 wine - $15//  1 wine - $6

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